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What is
Parrot Cuisine?

McLeod's Parrot Cuisine is a freshly frozen gourmet bird food

that was formulated by Jamie McLeod to be a convenient ready

to serve meal.  Our "Chefs" combine wholesome ingredients with

natural supplements to create a well rounded diet that will tempt the

most persnickety parrot. We can ship you any of our products including 

our gourmet frozen parrot cuisine!

What's on the menu?

Parrot Pilaf.jpg
Birdie Cornbread(R).jpg

Parrot Pilaf:  Everybirdie's favorite! A mix of vegetables, legumes, pasta, and 5 different grains.

Sweet Potato Pie:  Packed with Vitamin A and other beneficial minerals. Supports a vibrant plumage.

Birdie Cornbread: A truly tasty recipe! Tasty bread including pumpkin seeds, lentils, greens, carrots, corn,  and oats.

Chicken Pesto Pasta: Yes... parrots are omnivores. Gourmet meal of pasta, chicken, broccoli, bell pepper, pine nuts, corn, basil, and spirulina

Coconutty Cookies.jpg

Coconutty Cookies:   A delicious treat sweetened with bananas and coconut in a base of oatmeal, wheat flour, eggs, almonds, raisins, and omega 3 rich flax seed. 

Bee Berry Good Oatmeal:  A purple parfait of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, with bee pollen sprinkled on top.

Sweet Potato.jpg
Chicken Pesto Pasta(R).jpg
Bee Berry Oatmeal(R).jpg


At Menagerie, we believe that our feathered friends should have the best nutrition and care possible. Thats why we created McLeod's Parrot cuisine. This unique and convenient diet is the best and easiest way to ensure your parrot is receiving the healthy and balanced nutritional diet it deserves.

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Bee Berry Good Oatmeal is packed with Antioxidants, Vitamin B6, Folate, and a sprinkle of Bee Pollen for an immune system boost! 

Sweet Potato.jpg

Our Sweet Potato Pie is full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium and Fibers to improve digestive health  

OUR Food Is Packed With NUTRIENTS

We created the perfect food for parrots that is both nutritious and delicious. Our food is packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Nutritionally Beneficial Micronutrients that support healthy immune systems, good behavior, and beautiful plumage. Our recipes are developed by avian nutritionists and our certified parrot chefs to ensure your pet is getting the best nutrition possible. 

Call or contact us to see how McLeod's Parrot Cuisine can help you and your bird!


Parrot’s diets should contain a variety of different natural foods such as grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Birds should receive one full bowl of these fresh foods twice a day! Providing a variety of foods ensures your parrot is getting the nutrients and mental stimulation in needs 


Parrots love spicy foods!


2018-06-24 15.20.02.jpg

Birds prefer seeds which are high in fat.

Diets high in fat potentially cause obesity, liver problems, feather plucking, 

impaired immune systems, nutritional deficiencies, and a shortened life span.

Some birds will develop fatty tumors as a result of eating bird seed year after year. 

Amazons in particular are prone to liver problems due to excessive fat in their diet. That is why our cuisine is made with low fat, low sugar, low sodium ingredients!

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