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McLeod's Parrot Menagerie

Avian Supplies & Services since 1995


our Black Palm Cockatoo

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McLeod's Parrot Cuisine

Ready-made meals for a happy, healthy parrot.

McLeod's Parrot Cuisine is the best and easiest way

to ensure your parrot is receiving the healthy and balanced nutritional diet it deserves.


Who We Are

McLeod's Parrot Menagerie is a full service avian pet shop founded in 1995 by Jamie McLeod. Conveniently located on the coast in Summerland, California, we stock a large variety of exotic bird toys, perches, cages, and parrot accessories and offer grooming and boarding services for all types of parrots.

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Boarding with Menagerie

Here at Menagerie we pride ourselves on being the best care for your bird and it shows in everything we do. When your feathered friends board with us we provide two fresh gourmet meals, a clean cage, and all things necessary to provide a safe environment for your feathered friend.

  •  At this time appointments  must be made in advance by phone only! Call us at: (805) - 969 - 1944 

  • Fecal Gram Stain and Comprehensive Blood Panel required for new boarding guests.

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Grooming at Menagerie

We offer a wide range of services including Nails, Wings, Tail Feather Pluck, and Beak performed by our well-trained staff members  


  • At this time appointments  must be made in advance by phone only! Call us at: (805) - 969 - 1944

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Visit Us

2430 Lillie Avenue in Summerland, CA


Gifts at Menagerie

Shop around and get something special for you, or a bird-loving friend!

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